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New version of the official ‘COVID-19 Ethiopia Health Worker Training’ app powered by the OppiaMobile platform

COVID-19 Ethiopia is the official FMoH Health Worker learning app supported by the Community Health Academy – Last Mile Health using the OppiaMobile platform technology. The target audience for this app are all Frontline Health Workers in Ethiopia: nurses, health officers, physicians, volunteers working in health facilities and other health service delivery points set up […]

Associations between intestinal parasitic infections, anaemia, and diarrhoea among school aged children and the impact of hand-washing and nail clipping

We have just published in BMC Research Notes a new research paper: “Associations between intestinal parasitic infections, anemia, and diarrhea among school aged children, and the impact of hand-washing and nail clipping”. Here is the abstract: Objective: In marginalized setting, under‐nutrition and illnesses due to infectious agents create a vicious circle. In our previous study, […]

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